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All about the scandalous Swiss majorlabel-politics updated: april 23, 2011

Why Swiss major-labels have stopped working with all Swiss alternative-radios
Swiss major-labels EMI, Universal and Sony stopped working with all Swiss alternative radiostations (incl. DJ Leo/The Indie-Team). Of the majors only Warner Music Switzerland started working with our radiostations again in december 2011 (welcome back!).

Swiss majors forced journalists and radios to work with their own system called Music Promotion Network (MPN). It is expensive, requires a fixed IP-adress and completely unusable for alternative media. Because we all refused working with MPN the majors stopped working with us: No new music, no information and we even have a ban on interviews. This ruthless behaviour has been causing a big scandal. It has been all over Swiss (and German) press since 14 months now!
Please check selected press-articles here!

Affected Swiss radio stations are:

Radio 3fach (Luzern), Kanal K (Aarau), (St. Gallen), Radio X (Basel), Vibration 108 (Sion), Radio Cité (Genf), Radio Industrie (Zug), Radio Lora (Zürich), Radio Blind Power (Bern), Radio RaBe (Bern), Indie-Team (Leo Niessner, Musikpresse-Agentur div. Unikom-Radios und Print-Medien), Radio RaSa (Schaffhausen), Radio Stadtfilter (Winterthur).

Who is concerned by this discriminating majorlabel-politics?
Musicians and their agencys/managements signed to Swiss majors: Without new music they don't get any airplay by the radios. Very often our radios are the only ones who play new music outside of mainstream and the charts! Without music we can't announce any concerts as well.
Concert-organizers/bookers and venues: Without music we can't announce concerts of the bands. First venues have claimed thinking about not booking smaller major-bands anymore as long as they don't get support on he radios.
Listeners: They don't get informed about new albums and concerts of bands signed to major-bands.

How do Swiss radios and journalists react?

We've successfully started working directly with major-bands, their managements and labels abroad. Latest bands supporting us and sending us their music for the radio include R.E.M., White Lies and Guano Apes.
In february 2011 we've made it public: With Open Broadcast, our newest partners, we have built our own music-platform (infos here)! It's use is free for all musicians, managements and labels. Once you've uploaded your music on the platform, it can be used by all radios for free as well.

How can we send you our music?

Please feel free to send us Cds, Vinyl or downloads (320 kb/s, MP3s or wav if possible).
Radio K-Channel/Radio Lora/Radio RaSa and others
c/o Leo Niessner, Im Brünnli 3, CH-8152 Glattbrugg/Switzerland

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